Monday, October 29, 2012

One of my favorite parts about school...

... is how all my photo friends get my wheels spinning. My friend Christi, for example, is doing a project right now on stereotypes. In talking with her a little about that idea, it really made me think about how I view others and how others view me.

Last year in fine art, several personal projects people did still managed to speak volumes towards others' experiences. It helped me a ton when I was working on my own BFA project.

And a new project that Tonya is starting can't help but make me wonder. I'm intrigued by the concept: one that follows along the same lines as Post Secret. That is, she wants to collect secrets and is working on images based on them. I can't wait to see what she comes up with as a final product, but she needs some help with the process.

As part of this project, she's started a website where people can ANONYMOUSLY submit their secrets. As she states:

"By sharing your secret you will find a small bit of relief. We hope you’ll be able to let go of the burden you carry when you hold on to a secret. It can be a start to the healing process. Secrets can be good, bad, or just something we’re embarrassed to admit. Please share a sincere secret and spread the word about!"

Of course, the more secrets the better. I've linked  you three times now, so go check it out and SHARE. I'm thinking the more people that share this, the more interesting her project is, the more my wheels start turning. (So this post is entirely selfish after all! :) )

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