Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Happy Birthday Nerdbomber #1 !


You are turning 16 today! I remember when I first got to know you at the age of 7. Even then you were precocious (not to mention mischievous at times) and always so, so talented, beautiful, and such a fun girl to be around.

While there are people who will give you much more dating advice, I offer you just a little of my own.

Treat the boys that take you out well. We often hear tirades about how women should be treated and entirely forget that this goes the other way around too. Never talk badly about them to your friends. If he would be embarrassed by what you say, don't say it behind his back. Don't spend the night on the phone texting or checking facebook when he's reserved his own time to spend with you. Don't lead them on. (We already know what a heartbreaker you will be without adding this to the mix!) Be grateful for anything he offers, and graceful taking compliments he gives. Be sincere and kind.

Oh, and expect the same in return. If any boy is not treating you right, run for the hills! You deserve the best, girl!

Happy Birthday!


P.S. I should put some super embarrassing story here... like maybe the one about how you and your brother rolled in the mud on the way home from school one day... but I'll save that for another day. :)