Wednesday, January 26, 2011


I'm super excited about my classes this semester. Every time I think about them I get this giddy little thrill, even as thoughts of homework takes over from time to time.

We have an assignment due in Color photography tomorrow and I tried a little experiment tonight for some of the pictures...

Glass of cold water, some borrowed food dye, and a whole lot of fun!!!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Faith and trust and...

a little bit of pixie dust!

I was really looking forward to a photo shoot centered around a character that a friend in writers' group has and it took a LOT of arranging to get the studio and everyone's schedules aligned in the first place. Then I get there ten minutes to eight... and there's no T.A. See the only people have keys are the main professors in the program and the TAs. The studio was locked, I had three people coming to help out with this and nothing but a prayer to find everything in time. With the help of Clair and Kristen (two of my fellow photo students who have EVERYONE'S numbers) I was able to call around and Becca (one of the TAs) happened to be able to help me out. A whole bunch of lifesavers!

The pixie dust came from the lots and lots of gold and glitter and so on. So here's some pictures from Friday night!

This one I photoshopped to give her gold eyes, but it's definitely not quite right yet. Still thought I'd share.


And when we were done with the gold, she wore my shirt and we had to clip the back together because Jen is tiny and I'm... well... not. It's all about make shifting when you need to!
Model: Jennifer Mardesich
Hair and Makeup: Sarah Bevan and Emily Stevens
Photography: Me
Isa Canne (character) by: Margaret Redmond