Saturday, June 13, 2009

Ten Things I Learned from my Chocolate Fast and More

I realized I haven't exactly been great about giving a general update on my life. This is because I feel kind of silly talking about myself and announcing what I've been up to. Still, I think one reason I found the blog idea appealing was as a way to let people know what is going on with me from time to time without having to go into some monologue when I get together/ catch up on the phone with them!

This summer I was invited to live with a dear, sweet family with four little nerd bombers that I simply love to pieces. (By the way, nerd bombers is my new favorite phrase). They live in Mesa, AZ and moved here while I was on my mission. While I lived in Reno, I nannied for the four previously mentioned nerd bombers and they were my only way to relate to Sister Goodman when she'd talk about how much she missed her nieces and nephews. I've had fun with them at the library, taking long walks in the Phoenix heat, going swimming, and getting crafty.

Though I've had no luck finding a second job to suppliment my income, I've taken it as a sign to take the extra time and do something that I've wanted to for a long time: sell my jewelry. As I'm sure most anyone who will read this already knows (because I'm pestering anyone who will hear with the info) I have started to design and sell pieces on etsy at Hopefully I will find some success. Next summer I'm wanting to sell at little city events throughout Provo/SLC. We'll see if I can help support my hobby and earn some college money while I'm at it!

Last, as of this past week I completed one of the most difficult tasks I've ever undertaken: I went a full year without chocolate. A roommate of mine came home one day, deciding that we should show we had self control by doing this. I did it mostly to support her. So did her sister. The three of us accomplished what we set out to do, some of us more stoically than others. There are many lessons I got out of my chocolate fast. Here I will leave you with the top 10:

1) Recies Pieces do not have chocolate in them.
2) 99% of the time, when someone wants to do something nice for you, they make you something with chocolate in it.
3)I have true friends who would call for a full intervention if I'd tried to go for another year (Thanks Chessie!)
4) Some people consider Oreos chocolate-- even though they don't have any real chocolate in them!
5)Approx. 79% of the girls I know believe that they would die if they went without chocolate for a year.
6) The other 21% suggest to "just keep going" because "you're on a roll"... they are the crazy ones.
7) Don't leave your really good chocolate in the fridge where nerd bomber #1 can reach it.
8) Chocolate starts looking good for breakfast when you haven't had it for a year.
9) Some people are cruel and tease you with chocolate... right when you're craving it the most.
10) I can do anything!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

My Superpower

Anyone who knows me (or has even seen a picture) knows I'm white. Like... whiter than white. While my siblings all managed to steal the Estonian genes which allow them to look Latino by the end of summer, I ended up with the pure Irish side. Not that I'll complain-- it means I can pull off red hair where they can't.

Over the years, the whiteness has perpetuated. Once I went to college there was little to no reason for me to go out and tan. In fact, tanning for me is to burn and peal in the hopes that the layers beneath might toughen up before summer's end. When Ido tan I don't so much end up with tan lines, but areas of graduated whiteness. So I stayed indoors, where I read lots of books and refined crafty, crafty skills. Then I went on a mission. Even in the Florida sun my "graduated whitness" lines ended somewhere between my shoulder and elbow, and below midcalf range.

This summer I'm in Phoenix. It's hot. Like HOT hot. It's a good excuse to use the family pass the Wrights have and take the kids swimming a lot. With the security of 50 SPF sunscreen, I went out with them. By the end of last week my back was red as a tomato; my neck was scarlet; my arms were threatening to blister and bubble; my legs... still white as ever. I was amazed. I went out again and again. Nothing.

This week I tried a little experiment. I slathered myself with plenty of sunscreen everywhere, except my legs. Nothing. Nada. Zilch. Not even a little pink.

My conclusion? I have a superpower! My legs have gotten so white that they reflect the heat of the sun! Who knew, right? I just need to find a way to use these powers for good... and a cool superhero name.