Monday, October 22, 2012


There is nothing better to do for Halloween than to get all dressed up and go to a Masquerade, right? Right!

My friend Chessie and her roommates (Kassidy and Logan) came as well. It was a rather long trip up to Ogden (it was Chessie's friend putting it on up there), but we had a blast! I even brought some lights and we did a random side-of-the-road photo shoot. Unfortunately it was so cold, only Logan cared to get a picture with her mask. Mine broke and Kassidy and Chessie were not in the mood to be in the frigid air a moment longer than necessary. Here's some pics from the night. Just for kicks and giggles :)

Logan in her mask

While Chessie didn't care about having a pic in the mask, she did want to show off her hair

The camera turned on me... I allowed it as it shows off the awesome dress and jacket I sewed for this event

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