Sunday, August 12, 2012

The Accidental Farmer

My family isn't exactly known for their skills in agriculture. I probably come closest, having always had an interest in having a garden (though I haven't made much of an attempt in over a decade... someday when I have a house I need someone to teach me!)

But last year my dad did some random experimentation with a pile of wood chips he turned into a compost pile on the side of the yard. He added rinds from watermelons and cantaloupes, not to mention the seeds from the later. Like Jack and his Beanstalk, a plant started to grow.

And soon there was a melon. And just today we found two more:

Mom acts all exasperated about this rogue plant, but the rest of us are extremely entertained. Plus, we picked the first one and it tasted delish!

Dad picking his cantaloupe

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