Sunday, June 19, 2011

Daddy Day

Happy Father's Day everyone! Especially to my own Dad!

I've always been what you might call a Daddy's girl. My dad has been one of my greatest examples and my biggest helps. From advice to rebuilding a VW bug for a laurel's project, he's helped me in every way imaginable.

One of my favorite memories of my dad was when I was young and he used to tease by responding with "okay, Fred." I can remember, while thinking it was funny, also being irked at the nerve that he would call me by a boy's name.

"My name's not Fred!" I'd protest.

"Alright, Barney."

It could go on forever, really. He'd cycle through a list of dorky boy names and get me going at the same time. A few years ago I asked he if did that to all us kids and he said while he did, he got the most reaction from me.

Dad's always played games with us. Even when he was tired and laying in the middle of the living room floor, he'd make attempts at catching us as we ran around screeching "It's the tickle monster!" I'm grateful for a dad who was always there for us, to play, to teach and to assist. Thanks Dad! And Happy Father's Day!

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