Friday, June 3, 2011

Book club!

Monday night, I went out with a couple friends (names shall not be mentioned to protect the innocent... and embarrassed). When we found out that one of the gals in our group had bought the book Flirting for Dummies we decided to go check out said book at her apartment.

While flipping through the pages, I got an idea.  A terribly funny idea. A wickedly, wonderful, hilarious idea.

"Us two need to buy it and we can have a book club!" I blurted out. I'm not great at keeping wicked, wonderful ideas to myself after all.

"I can't be seen with a book like that in my room!" _______ said. (She knows who she is.) "I'd have to hide it under my bed!"

Nevertheless, we ventured to Barnes and Noble where we found out that title wasn't in print, but was online.

"Wait!" Says I. "They have it in e-book!Now you can hide it away on your computer, _______!"

______________ was not impressed.

Of course _________ still bought it and ____________ is going to have to go back and review the first chapter for this week.

I figure it's a requirement in life to read at least one how-to book that no one should ever have to read. But as the book states:

"Never mind the energy crisis, we're facing a communication skills meltdown and it's everyone's responsibility to do their bit. Honing your flirting skills is a way to reconnect lines of communication and engage with other people..."

See? We're just doing our part! :)


  1. LOL!!!!
    stinkin hilarious. And cool.

    Should I be ashamed or proud that I've had people ask me to teach them how to flirt? *sigh*

    good luck with your book! and have FUN!!!! :D

  2. You've been a flirting coach this whole time? I would have hired you :) Definitely be proud.