Thursday, June 2, 2011


I had an amazing (and productive) birthday! I:

1) Got up early and hiked Ensign Peak to get some good pictures of the Salt Lake Valley

2) Washed my car

3) Spent the morning with the Wrights (one of my favorite families in the world! They were in town and I jumped at the chance to see them!)

4) Brought nerdbomber Wright #1 with me to physical therapy and class (where one of my professors brought doughnuts I couldn't eat, since I'm still going strong with my New Year's goal... I felt bad... it was SO sweet of him!)

5) Went to Saltair with my class and said Nerdbomber came with so we could all take pictures.

Oh, and I opened a really cool gift from my mom and should be making lots of books very shortly!

Thanks all for the birthday wishes!

1 comment:

  1. Fun day! So glad it was a good one. I love the Wrights too, I miss seeing Amy all the time at work!