Monday, February 28, 2011

Would the real Miss Chester please stand up?

A couple weeks ago I had a bunch of great girls volunteer to come and model for me during my studio time as I gimped around in my ankle brace (this was pre-fracture knowledge) It was a ton of fun and I was glad they all came. I wanted to share some pictures from one person in particular, though, and that's Miss Chester-the-bester.

Chessie and I met through an online writing site and talked for ages via instant message before figuring out that her aunt and mine served as mission companions once upon a time. Every time she's down from Logan (just like said photoshoot weekend) we try to hang out with our other bud Bean (we're not sure what Bean's actual name is, we've been calling her that for so long). So here's a little spotlight and a shout out to real Chess that I know.

Chessie is ALWAYS on the move. Jumping, dancing, playing... you name it, she'll be doing it with enthusiasm!

The many faces of Chessie. She's not a good influence on Bean.

That's not Chessie! She's rarely grumpy! (Except over stupid boys, but who could blame her?)

She gets shy every now and again.

What a beautiful model though...

And an even better friend!


  1. Bahahahaha! Oh no!!! (I love the last one.)

  2. Hot pics. Very lovely. I wish I could have been there!

  3. So cute! Chess is such a sweetheart :)

    I found this link from her blog, actually :P