Saturday, February 5, 2011

Not how I planned to spend the weekend

I was coming down to Vegas to do some pictures for Mihkel we didn't get to do at Christmas because things got a bit busy. I've taken this route dozens and dozens of times. Usually on my own, like this time as well. Only this time was different... this time I crashed. Yes, not exactly what I'd hoped for. I was in St. George and just heading out of the city when my car veered (just a little) and when I went to correct it, I somehow lost complete control of the vehicle, spun, and crashed into the concrete median.

I'm alright, though a little shaken and I have a HUGE left foot right now. I was very blessed that our old family friends the Schmidts were nearby. While Mom and Dad made their way up from Vegas, Roberta came to be with me at the hospital and let us stay in their home until we could go get everything out of my car. Thank goodness for good friends!

Roberta also brought me my camera when the officer gave her all my things. Yes, I took pictures while being cared for at the hospital. And again today when checking out the car (I didn't get to see it until this morning since they moved me straight to the gurney). My sister said I'm weird. I call myself a photographer :)

No fractures! YAY! The foot IS rather swollen, though, and the heat from the airbag caused some cuts and a burn on my right arm.. It's a little hard to tell in this picture.

I'm sure the staff thought I was a bit odd, but I explained that I was a photo student and they were chill. Plus, I think they were just glad I wasn't freaking out. This guy is taking some x-rays.

It's a million times better to have a friendly face there. I think I could have handled things on my own alright, but I'm SO glad I didn't have to. Thank you Sister Schmidt!!!!

More from my bed in the ER.

And the car... it's not looking so good.


And the day after. I really am hoping I'm feeling up to going to the strip to do some pictures I wanted to do for assignments this next week... if not... I guess I could always use this blog to show why I don't have them!


  1. Oh my gosh!!! Marie!!! I'm glad it wasn't worse!! I hope you feel better super soon!!!!

  2. Holy smokes!!! I'm so glad you're ok. Your poor little car

  3. I wish you would have called us! How are you getting back?

  4. I have been thinking about you today - that we haven't seen you in too long. So, sorry to hear about your accident. Glad that you ok, considering how bad it was. Love, Amy

  5. that last one was from me in case you didn't know...

  6. Really glad you didn't roll your car! Glad you are safe!

  7. AHHH!!! Oh my gosh I'm glad you're okay!!!

    Hospitals suck. Pardon my french. But they do. Nurses are awesome. Doctors are great. I don't even mind needles. It's just hospitals that I do. not. like.

    Again, I'm so, so glad you're okay and that you had friends and loved ones to help you and be with you. Having someone with you in the hospital makes it 100 million times better.