Thursday, February 24, 2011


Yes, yes I know. I'm sure you're all going "AGAIN?!" Maybe it's just me but I always seem to be so stupidly amazed at how much acts of service helps out my day.

Lately I've been served a lot. I've been shown service by people from church (especially Sam and Theo), neighbors who run down and grab bags from my hand to carry up to my apartment (one girl even stopped a phone conversation with her sister), complete strangers, and roommates (who reprimanded me the other day for not asking them to do enough-- I thought I was asking a lot already!).

It's nice to be served. It really makes a difference when you're struggling to carry a food tray and the girl at the cash register demands that her co-worker help me out. Or when someone sees you coming behind them and waits, holding the door open so that you don't have to struggle to get through while not being squished. I'm really very grateful to all those who have been there for me.

But today I had my own chance to serve. There was another girl on crutches that left the same building just a little ahead of me. As I started driving down to my next building (which is literally across campus), I saw her walking (well crutching) down the sidewalk. I pulled into the middle lane and rolled down my window and asked where she was going. Turned out her class was BEYOND the other side of campus. We both end our first class about the same time, so I let her know I can give her a ride on those days.

It hasn't made my foot any less sore or my work load any less (if only), but getting the chance to do something for someone else has really lightened my spirit.

There is truly no circumstance or trial that won't be better when you add a little bit of service!


  1. Sometimes giving service gets you through the trial. And sometimes getting it does too. :)

    So... what's your secret???

  2. Sounds just like you to give this girl your help! You're a great example!