Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Something to be Proud of

So my sister calls me yesterday and starts out with "I'm so proud of myself."

"Why's that, Megan?" I ask, because I'm a good older sister and always show interest in what she's doing.

She tells me about the tests she's having done to get ready for when her and her husband have in vitro done later this year. She explained a test where they do an ultrasound to see how many eggs your ovaries produce. Apparently most women produce an average of 12 per ovary. "My count was 19," she said, excited. I imagine she was probably jumping up and down at this point as if she won the lottery. "It's just nice to know everything is working right and everything, ya know? And you know what this means? Your ovaries probably work great too."

Great. My ovaries produce lots of eggs. Can you put that on a resume? Maybe I can use it on a first date. Like "You know if things ever did work out, you should know I have a family history of great functioning ovaries" *wink wink*.

Ha! The many things in this world we have to be proud of!


  1. Loved this! I bet my ovaries are crap. Haha. :-)

  2. I wish the well-functioned ovary was contagious.
    We've been trying to get pregnant forever! I know it'll happen when it's post to but the waiting is maddening.
    BTW, this post was hilarious! Definitely a great conversation starter.