Friday, April 30, 2010

Nothing but Blue Skies!

I woke up this morning, took a shower, got dressed, did my hair and makeup, and looked outside to see snow flurry down at an obnoxious rate. I squinted at the nasty white substance and thought to myself today would be a great day to take a drive to Vegas.

And do you know what I saw? Now don't get jealous...

I just about died when I saw the beautiful blue skies! I had to pull over and get a picture! It's not often you see Vegas without the smog cloud over it.

To all my Utah friends--hope this brightens your day!


  1. We had a gorgeous day down in AZ as well! (Sorry, Utites) Good thing too because I got locked out of my house for a while, complete with groceries.
    Luckily, my cousin came to the rescue and gave me the code for the garage opener.
    Crisis averted!

  2. hehehehehehe...
    I just had to tell you this too.
    The word verification word was berpliv.
    I just thought that was funny.