Friday, November 11, 2011

The Older I become...

... the more I know there are certain things I couldn't just "join up" on if I were to get married.

For example... if I married someone who enjoyed snowboarding... you would not see me getting all geared up to hit the slopes. Nope. I would, however, go along in a cute sweater and with a good book, waiting like a good little snow bunny at the lodge with a large mug of cocoa.

Or if I married a sports fanatic... don't expect me to be sitting in the stands with my face painted and getting to know the names of the players, their stats, the names of their families and dogs and exercise routines... But I will make sure there's finger food ready when a game is about to come on as long as he knows I'm going to spend the duration of the time at a bookstore or holed up in a crafts room.

And if I were to spend the rest of my life with someone who loved video games, you won't see me grabbing a controller and leveling up. I'd kiss him on the cheek and head off to enjoy some chick flick and dinner with my friends.

See? I'm great at compromise.


  1. I so agree on all of this. Except I would go to basketball games. IF they were Aggie basketball games.

  2. AMEN!!!!! You described my husband to a T. And I engage in none of those things.