Thursday, November 10, 2011

Midnight Self Portraits

There's really nothing worse than carting around photo equipment, making four trips from my car to the dance studio, only to have no one show up and have it all have been for naught. As much as I need the exercise, I could have gotten that in half the time and with an even smaller fraction of irritation.

I got home and got to thinking that I needed to do SOMETHING with said equipment. If for no other reason than to make me feel better about having checked them out. So I did something radical... for me at least. Self portraits!

Yes, yes, I know I don't make for the best subject, but I've been trying to step outside of my box lately. And, hey, I didn't mind how these turned out. Which says something.

I only wish someone had been here to take pictures of my roommates' faces when they saw me rearranging furniture and setting up lights at 11:30 at night. Good thing I don't have class until 2:30 tomorrow!

1 comment:

  1. That second one looks like you have gentle morning light shining behind you! Great job! So lovely. :)