Thursday, August 11, 2011

Dear first niece and nephew,

You should know that I will be your favorite aunt. There are two giant teddy bears waiting, lots of board books, BYU Cougar onesies, and that's just the beginning!  I plan on having so much fun spoiling you!

Auntie Rie just has one little favor to ask:

Can you come during Fall Break?

I know it will be a while before this makes sense to you, but Auntie Rie is taking a whole lot of credits this semester and could really use your help making it easy to drive to Vegas to see you while not missing any school assignments. I was looking through my schedule and between 20th Century art history, ASL literature, and advanced photography, the best time would definitely, definitely be fall break.

Thanks babies!

Aunt Rie


  1. Awe, you're so sweet to these babies! I'm not the coolest aunt. I'm too much of a disciplinarian. It's because I babysit them a lot. :) But I sure love them!!!

    good luck with this crazy schedule coming up!

  2. Cougar onesies? Bleargh.

    Other than making that tragic mistake, you'll be a great aunt!!