Monday, August 1, 2011

Boys just don't get it...

Get what, you ask? I could make lists to answer this question, but today I refer to one thing: shoes.

Ever since camping at the beginning of June, my foot was doing better. I was walking well and got the big OK from my physical therapist to stop coming to see him. (I miss the foot massage, don't miss the ice.) For a while everything was normal until I, once again, twisted it. I'm talented that way.

Mostly I'm still fine. Fine enough that I can wear whatever shoes I want... so long as I have my brace on.

The fact is, my brace only fits in a few of my shoes--despite the claim that I would be able to wear all my shoes with them-- and one of them is a pair of black wedges.

Only boys seem to think I shouldn't be wearing "heels". Classmates, supervisors at work, and guys in the ward have all made random comments about this. They don't get it. Why would they?

Girls, though, don't even seem to notice. I'm asked about why I'm wearing the brace and given a little nod of sympathy and a "nice shoes" to finish it off.  They know the truth of the matter:

Cute shoes make everything better.


  1. It's true. My ankle still hurts, but I wear high heels cos they make my calves look awesome. :)

  2. You keep going with your awesome calves then!

  3. Boys would be bare-naked and shoeless if it wasn't for the civilizing effects of female fashion awareness.

  4. heels hurt. Period.

    But they look hot.

    so there really is no question, is there?

    Hope your ankle feels better soon!!!