Friday, December 17, 2010

Provo Tabernacle

I thought my next post would be some big, celebratory victory. Instead, I'd like to share some pictures I was able to get this morning. I got on facebook very early while getting ready and found out that four hours before, a fire had been reported in the Provo Tabernacle and that firemen were working to put out the destructive flames. The battle was still going when I got there.

It made me think on my way up to Salt Lake about how little can or will last forever. I have never gone inside the Tabernacle and I know a lot of people have memories of concerts or events or activities they've attended here. I hope to take advantage of as many of those unique landscapes/monuments/buildings/works of art that can be found where ever I go.


  1. I cannot believe this, it is heartbreaking.

  2. We attended our stake conferences in this building for decades. My master's graduation was at this building, in fact you accompanied your parents to my graduation. I think I have a picture somewhere of us in front of it. So, you have been in it, but before you remember. Thanks for posting these. I'm so sorry to have this landmark damaged to this degree! AT