Friday, November 5, 2010

Six... more... weeks...

I have survived another week. I have made it through and am proud to say that I did so with every single assignment in. on. time. Granted one was lost to the world of the binary code and the three hour redo didn't work at all, but at least it was in.

I was thinking about it this week and this semester has kind of turned into a giant game of clue for me. I'm the host. My professors, the players. So who will it be? Which one has the power to finally do me in?

Fullmer...with Adobe... in the computer lab...

Lovell... with the outlines... in the library... or was it with the projector in the critique???

Turley... with the rasp... in the classroom... (this one tried THREE TIMES! If you don't know what a rasp is, think heavy duty cheese grater for stone... and then imagine it slicing across your knuckle!)

Really, it's amazing I haven't been finished off already, but I'm getting there.

Thanksgiving with the fam will be coming up, then Christmas and after that I get to go visit my favorite family in Arizona. So much to look forward to. And just six weeks to go!

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  1. think positive...i think i can, I Think I Can, I THink I CAn, I KNOW I CAN!!:) See you in a few weeks!!