Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Breakfast dilemma

You know how when you're going to be gone for longer than your milk's expiration date you  make sure to get rid of all your perishables?

So when you're back that first morning and go to have some breakfast you realize... you got nothing.

You can't have toast, because you need bread for that.

Eggs--zilch... so no omlet.

No milk, so while you have plenty of cereal, that's out of the questions because, face it, only heathens and babies eat cereal dry.

And just as you're about to resign yourself to ramen noodles for breakfast, you move aside a bag of flour and there is the Holy Grail of breakfast items: Pop Tarts.

Your mouth starts to water and you're singing Hallelujah as you wait for them to warm up and then you realize... life is good again!


  1. What? Are you calling me a heathen? I looooooove eating dry cereal!!! Especially Frosted Mini Wheats. Mmmmmm!

  2. Hahahahaha!!! Nice!!! This was hilarious, Marie! And totally true... except you need to add one more person to the list of who eats cereal dry: heathens, babies, and pregnant women. Cuz sometimes everything else is just too gross.
    pop-tarts sound REALLY good right now.

  3. rofl, you are so funny. Wish I was a good with words. Babies and heathens. haha.

  4. Yes Chessie... you are a heathen. Pregnant women can go on that list too though, I think.

  5. this is hilarious! I agree with all of it.Very well written! I just got home from vacay on Tuesday morning and there was NADA!!! I have actually had to bring myself to eat dry cereal at times.