Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leap Day Adventures!

I spent the last half hour sitting here trying to figure out how today became such an entertaining anomaly. And then I remembered... it's because of that once-ever-four-years phenomenon called Leap Year.

While subbing for a photo history class, Jason Alexander popped in and told me I needed to demand the prorated price from the teacher I was subbing for (who apparently asked Jason to just say "hi"). There's something about a celebrity reminding you to not undervalue your services that makes you stand a little taller. As for the demands... I'll just let my teacher buy me lunch sometime. Or remind him how helpful I was right around grading time.

Then there was the about-to-be-infamous Chester the Best-er driving incident. You know... the one where she was in MY car driving to the gym with me in the front seat and rather than turning into the drive, she decided to go against traffic, in the bike lane... on the far left side. *sigh* Asian Drivers.

And, of course, the continual urge to go up to Mr. Right and say "Marry me. Marry me now. Or at least help me find a hot Irishman." It worked for Amy Adams, right?

Leap Day...




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