Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Cat and Dogs

No I didn't forget to pluralize the "cat" in the title. I have had a cat since my freshman year in high school. Her name is Sassy (though sometimes I call her Sassafrass... my brother used to call her the two year supply). My sister got a cat at about the same time along with the family dog we already had. Life was good for Sassy.

The dog eventually ran away and my sister's cat became feral. Sassy was promoted Queen of the castle and life was great.

Then came Cosby. I was on my mission when my mom went through empty nest syndrome and got herself a lhasa apso puppy. The first email from her after this purchase went something like this:

I got a new puppy. He's sooooooo cute! Your brother came home for a few weeks. My puppy is soooooooo cute!!! We hope you still have limbs after the mosquitos finish feasting on your flesh. I'll send pictures of the puppy soon because he's SOOOOOOOOOOOO CUTE!!!!!

I can't be held responsible for any abuse Queen Sassy edured, though she obviously held her own. The first thing I noticed when I came home was that my mom's puppy fought like a cat and steered clear of mine.

If this wasn't enough, my sister decided it would be fun to get a female Lhasa--which she named Belle-- and breed them at some point. Some point came unexpectedly this last December with a litter of 10 puppies. Though my mom cried at each parting, she consoled herself that she would get to keep one of them.

So we have three lhasa apsos in the house--Cosby, Belle, and Cooper. Cooper really likes Queen Sassy. He likes to think Sassy is his playmate. Sassy's lost her touch with training the beasts to leave her the heck alone. The following is a video of me trying to get her to fight back against the monster known as Cooper. I think she did a pretty good job:

Sassy Strikes Again


p.s. Because my sister pointed out it sounds like something not as nice, I'll clarify that I said "whop him sass"

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